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People say you’ve changed, that you’re a completely new person since you’ve started this relationship. Don’t get offended or you’ll get involved in a game you don’t want to play.

Do you think these voices tell the truth? If you’re with the right person you have no reason to change. Maybe your friends are jealous of your new partner or your relationship?

Don’t believe everything you hear. Think if there’s any truth in what people say about you, and if not, ignore them and move on. Try to stay away from possessive and controlling people.

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Today is a good day to employ your strength and perseverance in order to work towards the goals you’ve had in mind for some time. You’ll have new opportunities and it’ll depend on your vitality and energy if you manage to take full advantage of them.

Trust in your professional and leadership skills.

A person will offer you help due to your charm and good energy. Accept this help without hesitation.

Invest in new tools for work. Buy something you need to give a sense of joy and novelty to your work. A new diary, a computer, colorful pens. Turn this action into a symbolic act of renewal.


According to the stars, today Leos could be prone to eye problems.

If your eyes are tired or irritated, if it’s difficult to focus on objects for a longer period of time, or if you have the feeling of gritty eyes, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Don't worry, it can be caused by simple exposure to air conditioning, heating or wind. The treatment is very simple and you should pay a visit to a trusted ophthalmologist and stop suffering.