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There’s nothing more annoying than people not paying the slightest attention to you.

It’s your month and you want it all! And so it should be: a tribute worthy of a king, a reception with bass drums and fireworks. However, it won’t happen this Monday.

You’ll have to lower your expectations if you don’t want to get angry and this way disappoint others or deteriorate your relationship.

The pride of those born under your sign is highlighted by the effect of some planets in your sign. If you’re in a new relationship, take care of the image you give. If you get offended by everything, you could scare your partner away. And you can’t act like that because of a simple whim.

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You’ve got all the inspiration you need to do your best at work. It’s a perfect moment to promote yourself on social media. You may not be able to do it on your own as you probably don’t have enough time. However, you may hire a specialist who will activate your profiles and publish information and offers regarding your work.

You demonstrate your true vocation every day enjoying everything you do. It’s useless to make a lot of money if you hate what you do. If you’re looking for a big change regarding your job, you may take the first step today.


The position of the planets today is favorable for you. If every month you pay the membership fee in your neighborhood gym or a sports club but you never go there and come up with a different excuse every day, it’s time to change your attitude and embrace the will, which is one of your strengths.

Buy a pair of new trainers or a sports outfit to encourage yourself.