Leo Daily Horoscope for May 29

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Erotic fire will surprise those born under your sign, especially Leos of the second and third deanery.

A date, which you’ll go on with very low romantic expectations, will turn into a passionate and fiery encounter.

When people don’t respond to you the way you imagined, try to control yourself and don’t treat them aggressively or rudely. Things don’t always go the way you expect; sometimes you have to make a detour in order to achieve your objectives.

If you react without thinking, you could offend or hurt the person you love so much and want by your side.

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You’ll have an excellent day at work. You’ll be able to organize things quickly and this will make you very happy.

Today joy will play the main role and you’ll see that being in a good mood you perform much better.

If you have to sit an exam today, planetary aspects will benefit you with lucidity and extraordinary memory. Enjoy your intellectual success!

Imagine you’re about to reach your objectives. Can you see how close you are? Go for it, Leo. Your dreams are coming true!

The lucky number for Leos today is 1. This is the number of creation, success and magic in the realization of worldly goals. You have an ace up your sleeve and you must do everything possible to take advantage of this planetary energy.


If you’re one of those who rest very little these days, you have to pay attention to this issue. Your body may become weaker and this may lead you to a damaging decline of hormonal synthesis. If possible, take a nap in the afternoon and learn some relaxation techniques.