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The planet Venus and the Moon will meet in the feminine sign of Libra to give rise to exquisite moments of tenderness and sensuality.

If you are secretly in love with someone, it’s time to declare your love fearlessly. For better or worse, the culmination of your emotional anxiety will be positive for you.

Magic Horoscope warns you about possible misunderstandings and disagreements with your relatives. Not paying attention to what the children say may end up in a confusing situation. If you’re distracted by your mobile phone and don’t listen to others carefully, you may lose time and money.

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Sundays like this are unforgettable. A get-together with friends or family will help you lend a hand to someone you’d like to protect from all evil of the world.

It's not that this person is very fragile, it's just that you know how hard they’ve worked to improve every aspect of their life and that's why you're happy to see a glimpse of light in their horizon.

A twist of fate won’t cease to surprise you when you’ll notice how much an unexpected conversation will benefit you.

It’ll lift the burden from your shoulders and you’ll be able to get rid of some responsibilities you’ve taken on due to love and compassion.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 199. According to angelic numerology, this figure suggests you keep thinking positively to strengthen your divine mission.


It’s the last Sunday this September and you could finish it quitting a bad habit. It won’t be enough just to stop eating crisps. Try to get rid of a vice that is harming your body.

Do you smoke? Stop damaging your lungs and your skin. Loving yourself means leaving bad habits behind. They affect your health and also your purse!