Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Since the early morning, you’ll be eager to tidy up, clean the space you share with your partner and clear up the last misunderstandings. You’ll find it very difficult to bear a negative environment and your partner’s refusal to help you. Frustration and annoyance will take over you and lead you to possible arguments and more misunderstandings.

The best thing you can do is take advantage of the Moon energy in the sign of Virgo to look inside yourself and observe your own actions and mistakes and think what you would like to change about your personality.

The new astrological year is always a good time to turn your life around. Take advantage of the planetary energy that favors you and gets rid of criticism and disappointment.

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If these were the last days of your life, what would you like to do? That’s what life is all about, doing things you like taking into consideration the needs of your environment but mostly focusing on being happy and feeling fulfilled.

Your dreams will lead you to fortune. You’ll find places where you can apply your knowledge or skills and be recognized for them. You’ve been rejected lately and it’s time for a change. You deserve the best work conditions and fantastic opportunities, which are about to arrive in the next few days. The wait is worth it.


Today the symptoms of your chronic ailments will cease. Finding your own soul, your faults and being able to observe your best possibilities will help you to release the stagnated energy when you have that discomfort.

You may help yourself with a gentle massage or a warm a bath filled with mineral-rich salts. Massage your body with a vegetable sponge and gently exfoliate off dead skin from your feet. Your vital energy will be renewed.