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You’ll spend the day surrounded by your family remembering the past and those who are far away. Melancholy will take over you and many events that you’ve almost forgotten will be brought to life.

You’ll feel sad because you can’t bring the past into the present. Let go of the past, there’s no turning back.

Have hope and patience, the present has a lot to offer. Life is very long, Leo. Let go of your losses, you’ve cried enough. Melancholic state doesn’t suit you. Bring out the best in you, boost your optimism and look forward to new adventures.

Wonderful experiences are awaiting you, Leo, go for them!

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You don't feel like thinking about your economic issues today. It’s been an exhausting and demanding week for you.

Spend some time reviewing your accounts and try to figure out how to take advantage of the last days of Mars in the sign of fire. Mars from Aries encourages you to improve and give life to all your pending matters.

Try to visualize a state of tranquility and solitude and focus all your energy on activating and fulfilling your dreams and goals for the next week with the power of your thoughts.


Today you’ll enjoy stable and uncomplicated health. It’s a perfect day for simple tasks and encounters with friends or family members. You may feel stiffness in your joints in the morning. You’ll feel calm although your emotional energy will be low.

When you’re surrounded by your loved ones, you feel braver and happier which stimulates your optimism and relieves your pains and discomfort.