Leo Daily Horoscope for July 3

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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You’re about to find a solution to these matters that bother you so much. Don’t push your anxiety. You may feel that you’ve made a mistake, but it’s not like that. You’ll have to clear things up with your partner and see who the one that has to apologize is. Or maybe no one is guilty and you’re both equally responsible for this mess.

Mars has entered your sign and it’ll make you feel more irritable than usual. You’d like to have the answers and solutions to everything, but you well know it’s impossible.

You’ll have to work on your patience and learn to listen without judging. Even if you feel that what others say sounds like accusation, try to calm down before you say something aggressive.

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If you’re one of unemployed Leos who are waiting for a response to their recent job application, today you may receive the much awaited call. If you still haven’t sent your CV to the company of your dreams, it’s a perfect day to do so.

Leos of the first deanery who are willing to set up a new business have very favorable astral energy. It’s important that you take advantage of these beneficial planetary transits.


Don’t neglect your gym routine. If you haven’t taken up any sports yet, let your proactive attitude help you start going that direction.

If you feel tired, you’ll soon recover your energy thanks to the movement of your circulatory system. Your body is asking for more physical activity. If you find gym routines a little boring and annoying, be creative! If you’re seeing your friends this weekend, suggest an activity in the fresh air and let oxygen fill you with joy and happiness!