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This Sunday will be full of unexpected joy and pleasure for Leos. It’s a perfect day to celebrate all the good things that have been happening to you lately.

The Moon from your opposite sign Aquarius invites you to look for a person who could complement you and reflect everything you can achieve if you let your dreams guide you.

Give yourself permission to change and avoid people who limit you when they see that your ideas are different from what they used to be. Change is a sign of growth and evolution. Those who never change their philosophy of life or their ideas remain stagnant and grow old on the inside.

Don’t hesitate. Even if your memories paralyze you, go ahead. Each experience is unique.

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Don’t worry if you feel that the pillars of your economy and work are looking shaky. The economy in the place you live doesn’t help you or people around you. It’s something that’s not going to change soon. However, planetary transits show short-term advances for those born in the second deanery. You could hit the nail on the head regarding a complex issue and be enormously benefited from it. You will try to have your abilities recognized within the social circle of your family. Give it some time; it may not be today but in a few days you’ll see signs of success.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 221.


The planetary alignments of the day show that you’re going through very positive biorhythms nowadays.

Your metabolism works perfectly and you feel that your energy is optimal and balanced.

Those Leos who are finishing a treatment or coming out of a post-operative state can count on the help of the sky that promises them stable energy and regeneration of tissue, organs and a positive change of emotions and perceptions.