Magic Horoscope 4 Leo
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Leo, you’ve got all the stars on your side. They’ll support you and help you achieve your objectives regarding love.

Although you may feel that your marriage or relationship is weakened by life circumstances, don’t let this feeling take over you. Look at each other with new eyes and express your most tender feelings.

Try not to argue about money. If you have to discuss financial matters, use gentle tone and talk politely. Don’t let these issues make you nervous. When you face emotional issues from a materialistic perspective, all you get is distance and mistrust.

If you’re starting a relationship or you’ve just met someone special, listen carefully to every word they say. This way you’ll find out how sensitive they are. They may be also asking for something you won’t be able to give.

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Your work load may reduce. It won’t last but it’ll definitely affect your income. If you’ve been planning to redecorate your house or buy a new car, you may have to put those plans off.

Be careful and control the outbursts of bad temper and impulsive responses; otherwise, you may lose your clients or job opportunities due to your incapability to control your anger.

You’re usually very nice and pleasant when dealing with people. Therefore, those around you notice your bad mood immediately. If you were always grumpy, you’d go unnoticed in these bad days.

The lucky number for Leos today is 9. This figure invites you to save money, to meditate and take more care of your words. It’s not a good day to express yourself; you could spoil an important matter.


Keeping your house clean is just as important as keeping your body clean. Sometimes you feel irritable and upset and it’s all due to spending your time in those messy or sooty places at home.

Take care of your health in every possible way.