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Today the moon in the challenging and enigmatic sign of Scorpio is in a complex position for those born under the sign of Leo. You’ll feel uncomfortable and have a perception that you depend on the mercy of others’ attitudes. You’ll feel like you can’t defend your own space or are unable to have power over your own choices.

Planetary positions in the sky will lead you to unusual situations that you’ll perceive as inadmissible and unbearable.

What’s important is that you realize that you can free yourself from these ties at any time. You have placed these chains that don’t let you be free yourself. Now you’ll have to work on finding the way out.

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It’s a good time to invest, buy and sell real estate, negotiate contracts and working conditions and ask for a pay rise.

Those Leos who are planning to take out a loan have the best conditions today to take a step forward.

The important thing is that you know how to take advantage of planetary alignment when it comes to your finances.

Leo, all fire signs will be put to the test today and will have to show their capacity to overcome challenges regarding material matters. It’s your chance to show your abilities and improve your reality. Take advantage of your cunning.


You may suffer from a hard and bloated stomach. Your intestines may be very sensitive, too; therefore, you should avoid stodgy or spicy foods and moderate portions. Today you may feel more anxious than usual and that could make things worse.

A cup of herbal tea after lunch will refresh your breath and benefit you with its healing properties at low cost. Peppermint, chamomile and many other medicinal herbs can help.