Leo Daily Horoscope for April 30

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The dreams are there to come true. If you project them with strength and emotion, sooner or later they’ll become reality in your life. However, you need to clear up your doubts and know exactly what you want. Open up your heart and say what you feel.

Otherwise, you won’t achieve your goals. Release the passionate lover who inhabits you, Leo. Express your joy of being in love.

Your condition isn’t really important. It’s what you feel that matters. The rest are just formalities that the society requires. Surrender to your heart.

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Trusting in your creativity will make your day much easier. If you need to know details about the best investment for that money you’ve come into, ask your manager for advice. He/she will know the modalities and possible risks.

Those born under the sign of Leo who are looking for a job should not wait for news today. However, it’s a very good day to make calls and connect with acquaintances that can possibly help.

Your lucky number today is 36. This number will remind you that you are a dynamic and loving person who meets his/her objectives and isn’t afraid of challenges.  Rely on the vibration of this number.


Try to look for quiet places if you want to improve your health. You may be suffering the damage to your nervous system and ears caused by being exposed to strident sounds throughout the day.

Spending at least forty minutes in silence every day will give you the necessary mental energy to concentrate and perform better at work. Constant noise affects all your body systems, especially the nervous and circulatory ones.