Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You may have a revelation today. Your mental state will be there to guide you; a brilliant idea will set you free.

Your relationship won’t be at its best today, Leo. You won’t find a way to have a harmonious conversation and everything you say will be analyzed in detail. The influence of so many planets in the neighboring sign of Virgo makes it impossible for your affable energy to flow with joy.

Leos who are single may come across the ghosts of the past. Your past mistakes will help you undergo a conscious analysis.

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Today's new moon comes with a lot of energy in your money zone. That's excellent news for you, Leo.

You’ll be able to find new solutions to issues that have kept you on edge. It's also a good time for those who want to start a business or commercial venture. You’ll have all the planetary energy at your disposal to achieve what you want.

Don’t be reckless and eager to rush things. You need to respect every stage of the growth of new projects in order to reach your goals. If you insist on finishing before time, you could spoil your dreams.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 5. This figure refers to the fulfillment of all your desires in a spiritual and conscious way. What you do should have benefits for everyone involved. You must learn to handle the energy of freedom responsibly.


If you’ve been sad or depressed lately, you’ll feel reborn today. Many of your worries will be left behind and you’ll be able to do some activities that you used to repress or leave for later. Postponing has led to frustration. It’s time to set yourself free and enjoy your life!