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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 30

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You’re lucky to be so optimistic and vibrate so high. These characteristics help you push negative people away and this way you’re not affected by their energy. Not everyone has a shield to protect them from the envy and a dark cloud of depression.

Shake off the bad vibes and find comfort in the arms of your significant other. Today is a perfect day to rest and make room for those conversations that have been left behind. Go out together: a museum or a show are great excuses to enjoy time with each other.

If you’re a single Leo, get in touch with a friend and have fun. It’ll be a wonderful get-together.

Live your life to the fullest, every minute that passes is gone forever.

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It’s time to reconsider things. Look back and observe with objectivity what you’ve achieved and what’s left for the next year.

Today you’ll clearly see what your barriers and limitations are that haven’t permitted you to reach as high as you wanted this year. Don’t worry about it. The first step to remove difficulties is to be aware of them. And you’re in the process, Leo.


This morning you had a worrying and strange dream. You will be disturbed by the vivid images that will stick in your mind.

If you think that its numerous symbols are important for your evolution or for your own understanding, you should write them down in a notebook to analyze them later or consult with a specialist in dream interpretation. You have no idea how much a dream has to tell you and how it can help you decipher the darkest and deepest side of your psyche.

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