Leo Daily Horoscope for January 30

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The presence of the moon in the sign of fire predicts that you’ll have a passionate day full of tender and pleasant emotions.

Your well-being may be interrupted by one of these discussions when your partner wants to impose his/her philosophical point of view. Keep calm and separate your feelings from your thoughts. Recognize that they can be different and even opposing.

Don’t worry, Leo. The best way to make up after the heated discussions is with a kiss and a hug.

Your joy and optimism are contagious and can put an end to any argument.

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Great events are awaiting you, Leo. You’ll be favored by a perfect astrological conjunction from Sagittarius which will illuminate you with its brightness and magnetic power.

Take advantage of this day to progress at work and make contact with customers or people who can favor you economically or professionally.

Today you’ll feel that the post you occupy at work will be respected. It’s a good day to set yourself big challenges that you’ll be able to accomplish if you believe in yourself.

Your workmates and other people interested in your development will support you and contribute with their recommendations.

Your lucky numbers today are 46 and 2.


Your intestinal area will be especially sensitive today. You may suffer from cramps, bloating or a dull ache in the tummy, constipation, or worse, diarrhea as a result of your poor diet.

Make an effort and take good care of yourself. Avoid foods that could irritate your stomach even more.  

Don’t eat food in the street stalls because it’s exposed to more germs and contamination. Ditch hot dogs, cold cuts, mayonnaise and French fries.