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Those who celebrate their birthdays these days are very lucky because the solar luminaire is in conjunction with the beneficial planet Venus and that doesn’t happen every year. The stars will bless you with their energy of abundance and affection all year long.

Leos born in the third deanery will know how to appreciate their partner’s love. You know how nice it is to be next to a person who loves you and is able to satisfy your affectionate needs and help you with your blockages.

Single Leos have to open their eyes since someone very attractive and compatible is about to turn up in their lives to turn it upside down.

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Have you ever thought that you can increase your income thanks to your effort? Sometimes you feel that you haven’t achieved anything and that your efforts haven’t been rewarded. However, if you take stock of your life in the last year, you’ll be able to recognize how much you’ve prospered.

Visualizing an abundant path is the best thing you can do regarding your future. Banish negative thoughts today and replace them with more pleasant ones.

If you’re waiting for a promotion at work, try to moderate your reactions. Otherwise, your behavior may affect your friendship and this would make things worse for you right now.


Today you may express yourself in an aggressive and heated way and feel mentally and physically exhausted in the evening.

What can you do for your health today? Avoid those outbursts of overflowingemotions that unbalance your digestive system and cause intestinal obstruction. Learn to control yourself. The moon in Cancer won’t favor your digestive system. Avoid coffee and alcohol as well as other stomach irritating foods.