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Don't stop chasing your dreams, Leo. If you are convinced that this person is the one who is going to give you the happiness you are looking for, go for him/her.

However, always remember that the greatest and most constant happiness is the one you can achieve when you learn to live with yourself without feeling sad or bored.

Precipitating yourself into a new relationship can generate more fears and distance than benefits for you. Try to strengthen your inner self. This way you’ll be able to demonstrate your emotional independence and clear up any confusion.

The stars will bless you with their alignments.

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You’ll be able to visualize in a single screenshot all the economic problems that you have thanks to the help of a person that will surprise you with his/her knowledge in the matter of economy.

If you are one of those Leos who have a business with family or work with friends, at all costs try to avoid conflicts when you make a statement regarding needed changes or situations that bother you and you’d like to change. Look for a relaxed moment and use a friendly tone.

If necessary, make a list of issues you want to talk about and prepare a speech. You’ll achieve what you have set your mind to and get the support you need.


Planetary alignments will lead you to be more prone to digestion disorders. If you like eating bread and pasta, you should reduce your gluten intake. Perhaps you are one of those people who don’t have a celiac disease but are wheat sensitive.

Adjusting your diet is one important step in helping the stomach recover. Cut out alcohol, coffee, pasta, bread and spices among other foods and beverages. This will help you feel better soon.