Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Joan marc


It’s a perfect day to surprise your partner with a romantic date. Atmosphere filled with romance, aromatic candles and a bottle of champagne will revive your relationship and give it the magic it needs.

You can scare away the ghosts of the past by lighting a geranium or rose incense stick. Don’t let these people, who have tried to drag your relationship down, take over your thoughts and opinions.

It’s very important that you learn the art of resistance today. Don’t attack; find a way to shield your energetic field instead.

Planetary aspects will protect you from adversities. The greatness of Jupiter in a fire sign will protect all Leos and especially those born in the third and last deaneries.  

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You often lose interest in your career aspirations. You get distracted with trivialities of your social life and those around you.

Planetary alignments show your tendency to beat around the bush instead of getting straight to the point. Worthy people like you should try to get down to business ignoring all the distractions and avoiding deception and external problems.

Let heaven help you lay the foundations of your career path. If you get distracted, you could miss valuable opportunities.


If you’ve just undergone a surgery, you’re lucky because the stars show favorable aspects for healing and tissue reparation.

If you’re recovering from an illness, you’ll soon feel much better. And in case you aren’t, you can be sure that you’ll feel vital and healthy.