Leo Daily Horoscope for August 31

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You may be surprised today. You didn’t know that your love was so strong. You’ll feel flattered. Commitment and taking care of each other will be the keys of your relationship, which is at its best.

Those Leos who have been feeling distant from their partner may have a reencounter tonight. Let dialogue and affection help you bond again. You’ll leave your crisis behind and learn a valuable lesson that will help you grow and take your relationship to the next level if you decide to stay together.

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Some changes at work will also surprise you today. If you’ve had economic problems lately, you’ll have an opportunity to solve some issues related to money that have been worrying you.

Money shouldn’t be such a burden today.

You’ll be willing to show your skills to your bosses and customers and this will lead you to very positive results. You may want to get to know new technologies or complex modes of marketing.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 20. This figure represents the Judgement Tarot card which refers to the energy of merit and angelic help.


If your doctor has advised you to follow a diet, quit smoking, lower your sodium intake or have more rest, don’t neglect these suggestions. A specialist knows what he/she is saying. Your doctor knows some details about the functioning of your body that you tend to ignore because of your sign's tendency to blindly trust your luck.

You have to make little changes. Not only you will feel better and more energetic, but also your health will improve noticeably.