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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 31

Your Horoscope for Monday
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A person from your past who you loved very much and who played an important role in your life will get back in touch with you and shake your world.

You’ll be eager to remember past moments that you lived together but you’ll see that nothing is the same.

These dates bring back good memories for you and for people who have truly loved you.

As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. There’s surely some truth in it.

All day you’ll be waiting for this person’s calls and messages and you’ll be tempted to see him/her on the sly. You’ll notice how distracted everyone around you is and you’ll find the possibility of a furtive encounter very exciting.

At night the atmosphere will be more than sensual and somewhat dangerous. There will be certain excitement in the air. The Moon in Scorpio could complicate things. Be careful!


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Walk firmly. It’s not a good day to make decisions or go shopping on a large scale; unimportant details could distract you from important issues.  

Be focused today, someone could be hiding information which is important for your matters. Today you should take advantage of your best skills to listen more and talk less than usually. Show your point of view another day.


Get in touch with your body, listen to what it has to say. You’re tired, Leo.

You should give yourself a break without any interruptions. Switch off your mobile phone and TV, disconnect your landline phone as well. Resting half an hour after work will improve your concentration, general well-being, it’ll make you look more attractive, as it’ll improve your complexion, and make your eyes look brighter and more vivid.

Taking a nap is the best therapy. You’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic New Year’s Eve.


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