Leo Daily Horoscope for January 31

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There have been times when you wanted to be alone; however, lately you’ve been wishing to have someone to hug you at night. You’ve been trying to distract yourself when suddenly, like out of a fairytale, this new person showed up who could turn into the love of your life.

All you mental blocks have magically disappeared.

If you’re in a relationship, you could approach your partner in the afternoon since the stars will favor understanding and harmony. Try to avoid delicate topics of conversation and simply enjoy your time together taking a walk or watching a movie.

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Things aren't going well when it comes to your economy. The money you have isn’t enough to pay off the debts. You work hard enough and you can’t come up with any more solutions.

Magic Horoscope suggests you cast a magic spell today. Take seven equal coins, wrap them in red cloth moistened with some olive oil drops. Then write your material wishes on a piece of paper and put it together with the coins in a glass jar. The jar must be closed and put in a place which is illuminated by sunshine. In the following days you’ll see the results of this wonderful ritual.


Your may have some problems with your hearing today. Beware of wind and swimming pool water entering your ears.

If you go to a swimming pool, try to use protective earplugs to prevent infections and wash your head as soon as you can to wash your ears with warm water. Dry them gently with a towel and don’t use cotton buds as they can be dangerous.

Visit an otolaryngologist if you suffer from ringing in your ears, ear popping or earache.