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Today you’ll stand out due to your beauty and attractiveness. You’ll be charming and spread your unlimited sensuality.

You’ll be able to notice renewed energy of the Sun in your sign. It’ll make you shine and help you accomplish your dreams. Beware not to come across as a vain person since you could scare away a person you really like.

If you’ve had lots of arguments with your partner lately, it’s a good day to talk and find a way to smooth things over and start a new period in your relationship. You’ll feel very excited and at peace thanks to a new way of understanding your past in which bad memories are no longer valid in your memory but have become a part of a forgotten past.

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It’s a perfect day to go shopping. The astral alignment shows that you’ll be able to find what you need at a good price. Whether it's a new piece of furniture, an electronic item, a musical instrument or a car, you’ll land the best deal.

In this astral cycle under the influence of the moon entering your sign, you have to start going towards a new, more creative work position that will make you feel proud and help you live comfortably.

Positive vibrations in your environment will lead you to business opportunities that you haven’t imagined existed. You’d be highly coveted in faraway places due to your knowledge and skills.


A discomfort in the legs may be caused by circulatory problems and venous return. Don’t let this problem get worse and go to a specialist. It’s not serious but it does require attention. Meanwhile, go for a walk, do exercise, go to a swimming pool and try inverted yoga poses.