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When you think you've got it all figured out and you can finally relax and enjoy your love life, something happens. It’s the irruption of Uranus that will negatively affect this Sunday's moon.

Destructive people will drop a bomb in your social circle. You’ll have to give explanations regarding groundless rumors that will somehow affect your significant other. If your partner is taken over by imagination, you’ll have to clear his/her doubts with your loving words and actions. You’ll be able to do it, since your energy will be very positive today.

Your joy and harmony won’t let your love fade.  

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It’s not a good day to take care of your financial and work matters. If necessary, leave them all behind to find peace that you deserve.

You’ll realize how much true feelings are worth and how important they are in your life. The possessions won’t bring you any joy if you can’t share them with your loved ones.

Therefore, today you’re likely to overspend on trips, dinners or presents for the people you love. You’ll be very satisfied to be able to enjoy money you’ve earned at work.


The moon in front of the sun will impel you to get more in touch with your feelings and be grateful for everything you have in your life. And you know that gratitude improves health.

Practice gratitude in all its forms. Give thanks for the health you already have and for the health you may have in the future. For the goods you possess, for your relationships, intelligence, for the love you feel, for the sun, the stars and the beauty of the world. It will have a very positive effect on your immune system.