Leo Daily Horoscope for April 4

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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The planetary aspects of Jupiter will make you feel a strong attraction towards a foreign person who has very different customs from those of your social group. You’ll be eager to start a relationship with a person who has such a different life experience that even his/her voice tone is peculiar.

The wind of change is blowing in your direction promising you a different life which could teach you a lot and help you grow as a person.

There’s a possibility of going on a romantic trip. Plan your trip in detail; otherwise unexpected matters may result in arguments with your partner. When you have everything under control, you can enjoy your trip more.

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The business that you have in mind will turn out perfectly well and bring you closer to your goals. E-commerce trends will generate great enthusiasm and you'll be eager to open an online shop. Create a marketing budget since publicity will help you spread your ideas and attract more possible customers.

Although electronic commerce seems simple now that the majority of businesses are engaging in it, it has its own tricks, too.

Take some time to elaborate a business plan and strategies.  If possible, have some quiet time in the afternoon in your office.




Today you’ll enjoy a wonderful fullness. You’ll feel very well and the day is going to be harmonious and peaceful. Enjoy your state of well-being as it won’t last forever.


Planetary influences are very positive for Leos, especially for those born in the last deanery. Keep healthy by eating well, having a little rest and exercising.