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It's an excellent weekend to delve deeper into your heart matters. Remember and honor those people who you feel a true connection and sincere bond with. You’ll finally be able to get in touch with friends you haven’t seen for a long time due to long distances and busy lifestyles.

It’ll be fantastic to remember old times with people that you consider to be your family. Your friends have been thinking about you, too, and will be very happy to get in touch with you again.

Single Leos shouldn’t stay locked up at home since a new love is awaiting them. If you avoid going out and meeting new people, it’s impossible you find your match. Don’t miss a party or an invitation. Have fun!

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A friend may be trying to set up his/her own business and invite you to join this adventure. If you’re able to accompany him/her, it may be the best option, especially if you’re tired of your job, feel undervalued or far from your true mission.

A job has to be something rewarding. If you feel terrified when the alarm clock rings or completely bored at the end of the day counting minutes to leave work, you should look for new opportunities taking advantage of your free time this Sunday.


Your energy levels will be very high. You’ll feel you have a lot to give and that your vital energy exceeds you. You’ll wish to do something useful with it, especially with your mental energy that will be optimal this weekend.

If you could focus the strength and power of your mind on your tasks, you’d be able to achieve a lot with a minimum effort.

Meditating may help you recognize your mental traps that distract your energy and strength.