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Problems at work will generate a conflict that will prevent you from fulfilling your commitment to a family member.

Today those born under Leo sign will feel stressed and anxious not to be able to divide their time between social and family life.

You wish you could be everywhere at once, fulfilling all your commitments. However, you’ll have to choose work this time and undergo a test whether you’re a good and loving partner.

You’ll feel misunderstood and you’ll have to deal with people’s demands patiently. Try to do what you can and don't feel guilty.

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It’ll be one of these mornings you’ll wish to forget. The phone won't stop ringing and you’ll have to solve different issues before midday.

You’d like to get the recognition from your boss or associates. You notice things others don’t even know about.  

Don't worry; you must pay attention to the signs coming to you from the Universe. Maybe you’ll find a card on the floor or a repeating number.

Follow and interpret the symbols and you’ll see that your intuition will lead you to the best position in your career.


Don’t miss your doctor’s appointment if you have one today. You may develop a chronic pathology if you let yourself go.

You’ll look emaciated in the eyes of those who know you well.  If you keep ignoring some serious symptoms, they can eventually lead you to a risky situation.

The best medicine is prevention. Analysis, electrocardiograms and all kinds of tests show those details of the body that can’t be seen. Don't run away from health controls.