Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


It’s very important to you to feel proud of your relationship. You need your partner to be creative, original and outstanding. When you no longer admire your other half or feel less interested in him/her, your relationship is in danger. However, you shouldn’t get so obsessed with feeling the same as on the first day of your relationship. Accepting your partner’s flaws and mistakes is also a way of loving them. You can’t expect your honeymoon to last throughout the relationship.

Single Leos may appeal to their seduction skills in order to attract someone they barely know but are already fond of. However, you should remember that this attraction isn’t foolproof. The Moon in your sign will influence you and you may act too dramatically or be very capricious in love matters.

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If you wake up with a brilliant idea, don’t let it go away. Don’t miss the opportunity to set up a business of your dreams.

You’re on the right path towards abundance and the planets will favor you regarding paperwork, contract signing, sales and even short business trips. Mercury in conjunction with Mars in your sign will benefit and guide you. Trust your natural dexterity and ability to convince.

The lucky number for those born under your sign today is 10. It will remind you of the influence of the wheel of destiny on your life as well as show your capacity to evolve and adapt to transformation. Meditate on the energy of this figure to advance in your material affairs.


You’ll feel very vital thanks to various planets in your sign. It’ll especially affect Libras born in the first deanery. The outburst of energy may lead you to suffer from common domestic accidents. Be especially careful when cooking and going up and down the stairs at home.