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This Monday don’t get drawn into a useless argument, Leo. There will be tension in the air this morning and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you can avoid it, don’t think twice. Get away for a couple of hours until the storm passes by. Otherwise, you could make a mistake and regret it later. Cherish the life you have and don’t waste time arguing over nothing.

If you take all the words literally, you’ll go mad. People will be altered and nervous; that’s why you should look for peace inside you. Don’t believe that someone is plotting against you. Tomorrow is another day and people will apologize.

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You should act in a modest and discreet way. Take advantage of planetary positions that favor all types of paperwork. You could finish these pending matters in ministries or public offices.

You’ll feel relieved once you finish tasks you’ve been putting off.

You’ll be able to show your artistic skills at work. Get down to work and fix or recycle that tarnished piece of furniture or accessory. Your personality and skills will attract people’s attention and bring you new possibilities in your professional field.  


Try to improve your blood circulation. Don't even think about smoking or drinking alcohol today. Instead, drink plenty of fluids and massage cold cream onto the skin, which increases circulation throughout the body.

If possible, elevate your legs when lying down to help venous return.

Remember that this something that you should do every day, which requires a change in your attitude and habits. You should maintain a healthy weight, exercise as much as you can, quit smoking and drinking alcohol. You may drink horse chestnut or witch hazel infusions.