Leo Daily Horoscope for May 4

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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Your heart is pounding. The rhythm of love at first sight will drive you crazy on this beautiful Saturday.

You’re about to enter a phase which will help you change your ways of loving that will bring heaven to you.

You need to start dreaming again. Imagine a life where all your dreams come true.

Leos who feel lonely can take it for granted that they’re about to enter a phase of strong feelings and passion in their life. Don’t rush things.  Walking slowly in the desired direction is the best way forward.

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It’s a perfect day to make a wish. The position of the stars in the sky show a very lucky day. Of course, it will depend on your confidence in the Universe. It’s time to change your believes about money.

Do you think you deserve it? Wait for the Universe to bring you everything you really deserve and think was meant for you.

The dance of abundance depends a lot on the music that plays in your head when you perceive material reality. If you see money as something dirty, you make it difficult for it to reach you and it’ll move further and further away from you. However, if you see money as a tool to improve your life and make things easier for those around you, abundance energies will find their way towards you.


Jupiter may offer you a possibility to celebrate. You know how wonderful it is to have a good time with your loved ones. However, beware not to be carried away by excesses.

If you go to a party or a get-together, try to control yourself. There will be many temptations, but remember how horrible they make you feel the next day.