Leo Magic Horoscope 5
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Your emotional energy will be focused on your family.

Children and elderly family members will depend on your willingness. Remember that those born under the sign of Leo are the most joyful and fun of all the signs. Organize a family get-together.

The moon in the sign of Capricorn suggests you give strength to those who depend on you. Taking care of others may make you feel lonely. Avoid manipulative comments and don't listen to gossip.

Leos who are single will have a special Friday. The spark of love will light up sooner than you think.

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Be very careful believing in bad luck. If you let these thoughts take over you, your prophesy will come true.

Remember that your ideas and emotions play an important role when shaping your destiny. Smile and the world will smile with you. It really matters what you project in your mind.

Magic Horoscope recommends you focus your mind on one thing at a time. As you clear the schedule of the day, you’ll see that things are not so bad after all. You’re luckier than you think.


A bad aspect of the moon could lead you to suffer from a backache. Your bad postures in front of a computer or a mobile phone are damaging your spine.

Try to become aware of your postures to correct the way you sit at your desk. You’ll improve your well-being.

If you have arthritis and tendinitis, cellular regeneration will help you heal.

Why don’t you try Eutonia classes to relax your muscles? You’ll feel great and you’ll be able to forget about that discomfort in the neck.