Leo Daily Horoscope for April 5

Your horoscope for Friday
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Astrological tendencies predict the possibility of little discussions and intimate problems that may end up in huge unnecessary conflicts.

A trivial argument at home could lead to an aggressive reaction by a person you love very much. Don’t react or listen to their words, because anything they say in the moment of anger won’t make any sense. What really matters is the love you feel for each other and you both should take care of it.

The people around you will be aware of your reactions and your words, so watch your mouth and don’t entrust your intimacy to anyone.

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It’ll be a complicate day regarding your finances. Your economic problems will come to light since you’ll have to settle some accounts and you won't have the money. You thought you were going to receive some but it won’t arrive on time.

Your job in general meets your expectations despite the lack of cash. Don’t give up on the idea that things will get better soon. Trust and rely on your convictions, optimism and inner strength. You will soon be able to pay off those debts. Don't be anxious.

Today your lucky number is 47. This number will inspire you to dream of material actions in cooperation with others.


You may have forgotten an appointment with a specialist you made a long time ago. Check your diary to see if you have to pay a visit to a doctor today.

Lately you’ve been suffering some minor ailments caused by stress. You have to identify the roots of your nervousness and make changes to your routine so you can relax more. If necessary, talk to a third person and ask him/her for help.