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The stars will bring romance to your life. On this glorious day, the sun will shine on your sign and benefit you with a lot of romance. The moon in the sign of Aries will bid farewell leaving the sweet taste of passion on Leos’ lips.

Wait for love declarations and adventurous offers. You may receive an invitation for a trip to an exotic place. Consider this offer since it would do you lots of good to travel and have wonderful experiences that would help you renew your energy.

You’ll feel great enjoying your friends, family and your partner’s company. Harmony is back and it’s something to celebrate.  

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You’ll be very positively surprised this Monday. You can take it for granted that there will be very favorable news for your economy and your professional life.

You should be more patient with people you have to work with. You perform your tasks quickly and efficiently, but it doesn’t mean that everyone else has your capacity to do so. Everyone works at their own pace. Don’t act arrogantly as you could be damaging the confidence of your subordinates.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 11. This figure on the tarot represents the Force, a card that shows that willpower and courage will help you carry out all your plans.  


The juncture of the stars shows a beneficial state of health that will help you cope with certain excesses and lack of rest. But don't overdo it, Leo. The important thing is to keep your balance.

Your good health won’t last forever if you don't take care of yourself.