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This morning will be rewarding. You’ll be enjoying peaceful moments without any worries.

However, towards the afternoon those born under the Leo sign may find themselves tilting at windmills. A two-faced person will refuse to listen to what you say and change the meaning of your words. It wouldn’t be so serious if those false accusations hadn’t come to others’ notice.  

This situation will generate you a lot of damage on an emotional level. You’ll try to make people understand what you really feel, think and say. And it’ll be in vain.

The opposition of various planets affects your sign negatively regarding family environment. 

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It'll be a quiet Tuesday when it comes to finances and work activity. The techniques you've been using to speed up your work are functioning perfectly and that's why you're more than satisfied.

You should always be cautious with money matters. However, today you could spend some a little on the present for the person who is about to celebrate his/her birthday.

The numerology for people born under the Leo sign recommends that you get in touch with the essence of number 10. This number represents abundancy that is associated with this sign ruled by the Sun.

Number 10 brings wealth to Leos. It represents plenitude and virtuous life where everything has its place.


Abrupt temperature changes could affect your health. Watch out for air currents. You could suffer from a muscle contracture.

Bad posture really can mess up your neck and lead to various disorders, such as torticollis, which causes the head to tilt down.

If you suffer from wry neck, learn to say no when something annoys you. You’re too tolerant sometimes. Stop suffering in silence. You must learn to turn down offers you don’t like. It’ll help the pain go away.