Leo Daily Horoscope for July 5

Your Horoscope for Friday
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You think with your heart and passion, not your head. It’s quite dangerous since you could make big mistakes if you let emotions take over you and engage in heated arguments. You may say something you don’t mean. Think twice before you act.

Don’t impose your ideas on others, even though it seems that your ideas are valid and others agree with you. Everyone shines in their own way. Sometimes it doesn’t take any words to show disagreement. Your body language, your movements, gestures and the way you look at others are very obvious and may lead you to hurt someone you love.

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You’ll be surprised by the good vibes around you. You’ll be more than ever eager to work thanks to the companionship and joy in your workplace.

And… it’s Friday, Leo!

Your mind is overflown with ideas and desire to talk and find solutions to everyday problems.

You’ll spread joy and desire to live that characterizes you. Don’t let anyone take away your divine spark that you’re shining with today.

Evaluation of the opportunities on your horizon is the first step towards a more optimal professional position. Keep in mind that promotion may come step by step and don’t get frustrated if you don’t perceive immediate results.


Even if you feel good in the morning, you shouldn’t abuse your vitality. Otherwise you’ll feel tired in the evening and won’t be eager to go to a friends’ get-together. If you don’t moderate yourself, you’ll feel exhausted. The sense of exaggeration may affect your vigor.

Keeping up with the four daily meals will also be important.