Leo Daily Horoscope for June 5

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There’ll be a negative tendency in the sky that you won’t be able to avoid.

You don’t have to put up with people who don’t love you and treat you badly.

Those born under your sign usually bond with people in an open and sensible way. Leos tend to avoid twists and turns or secret issues in their relationships. Therefore, you should surround yourself with people who are like you and hate secrets and fakeness. Stay away from those who have a disturbing attitude and drain your energy.

Leos in a relationship will have to try to avoid arguments related to family and children.

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You may have to put up with your superiors criticizing the way you perform your tasks. They’ve expected something else from you and now they’ve come across your peculiar and creative personality.

Don’t worry about it; it won’t last. Soon you’ll be able to adapt to the ways others do things in your workplace.

Envy is very difficult to overcome and if you’re feeling it, try to turn it into admiration. If you envy something of someone, it’s because you would like to have the same thing. If you transform it into admiration, the feeling is more pleasant and will allow you to learn and achieve things you want.

Transform bad vibes into something brilliant closer to the energy of your sign.


Exaggerated skin disinfection may lead to the loss of your natural defenses. Today the stars show that your skin will be especially sensitive. Skin needs a protective film that covers it with natural emollients that keep it moist and protect it from viruses and bacteria. Over-cleansing your skin with abrasive products will only make it dry and irritated.

Use mild, neutral soaps for your hygiene. Glycerin soaps are very good for healthy skin.