Leo Daily Horoscope   | Magic Horoscope


Peace in your relationship should be your absolute priority today. If you’re one of those Leos who are trying to rebuild their relationship, you’ll have to be brave and put up with your loved one’s outbursts.

High tension will only remind you of the past and reaffirm some problems you thought you’ve already solved.

It could be difficult to wake up to less epic and harder reality, Leo, but it’s the best way to progress. Getting in touch with reality will help you understand your situation better and it’ll lead you to look for better ways to understand each other.

Don’t underestimate the strength of your enemies.

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Today your luck is closer than you can imagine. You’ll reach the top when you think you lost a battle.

When you look at it in the long term, you’ll see a different result. When you dream big, there’s a lot to win. Your strength will be renewed and you’ll be ready to start a new project.

Of all the Zodiac signs you’re the most adventurous and brave one when it comes to moving towards the unknown, Leo. The stars will reward you with the success you've been waiting for.

Keep away from manipulative people and their interests. They just want you to act on their behalf. Your generosity could lead to confusions and losing money. Today is not the best day for loans or magical investments. You could become a victim of a scam.


Thanks to Jupiter's positive influences on the fiery Sagittarius, you’ll be full of energy today. This giant planet keeps moving and will soon withdraw from this position that favors you so much. If you need any medical treatment, don’t wait any longer.

The stars will favor your vigor and your health.