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If you are an elderly and married Leo, you’ll be prone to some emotional ups and downs today. So you’ll have to draw on all the resources you think are convenient when it comes to finding sincere understanding.

Talk to your partner, clear up your doubts and be sincere. If you've been building up resentment, it's time to dust it off. You have to spring clean your relationship in order to continue with it.

Unexpressed doubts and jealousy can lead to impulsive anger and bad responses that will only wear off your relationship.

A friend will need your help this afternoon. Respond as soon as possible. You can always count on her and this time she needs you.

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Listen to your intuition. It’s surprisingly accurate despite having no explanation. If you ignore your perceptions once again, you’re going to miss the opportunities that your subconscious gives you.

It doesn't matter if it was a dream. For example, dreaming of rats indicates that someone close you to may actually be your enemy. If you dream about money it means that changes are coming.

You may also have a vision of a number that will bring you luck. Don't neglect the guidance your spirit gives you.

When intuition and logic work together they can only bring good fortune.


Your body will be asking for rest today. You'll be looking forward to an afternoon nap, but you won't be able to escape from your obligations.

If possible, come home early, have a light dinner and go to bed on time. Your body is wise and is asking you to slow down after the stress you’ve experienced in the last few days. This way you’ll avoid illnesses.

During the hours of sleep the tissues are repaired, your mind is reset and new ideas appear to be revealed in the first hours of the day.