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Although the strong point of your Leo personality is your individuality and ego, you enjoy being with family and friends. This Sunday, Leo, you’ll be in your ideal situation, enjoying family get-togethers and beautiful conversations. You could entertain children with your jokes and fun performances or propose group games for the whole family.

Try to pay attention to others’ needs, there’s a close person who’s going through a rough patch and maybe it would be good for him/her to rest their head on your shoulder and confess their sadness. They know that you always find a way to help and comfort the hearts of those who suffer.

Your generosity and good hear will be greatly appreciated by those who truly love you.

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You’ll have to face some new expenses that you haven’t even imagined. Apart from that, you’ll also have to help a friend.

Don’t forget to check your locks and windows before leaving the house, as Leos will be forgetful this morning and this may lead to bad experiences.

The energies regarding material things will be very dark and dense today. Remember where you leave your belongings, since you could be robbed or someone may take advantage of your forgetfulness. You could lose very valuable things. Keep your mobile phone and your bag in sight.


You’ll enjoy a day in which you seem to have recovered your energy thanks to the fact that you’ve put new habits into practice that do you good, as you well know.

Sleeping a little more at the weekend is essential for good health, and it’s helped you to reverse certain processes that took energy away from you.

Getting together with your loved ones, family and friends is a key ingredient for your wellbeing.

Embrace and appreciate how much you have.