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Lately, you’ve been feeling very optimistic and that will attract pleasant moments that fill you with wonder and joy.

Although things are complicated and it seems that the person you’re in love with is fading away, life may be actually preparing you for surprising situations that you couldn’t have even imagined.

Take advantage of your personal strength to carry out the reforms that your homeneeds for this new romantic experience. You could be building a solid foundation for the best moment of your life: a new role, a new identity.

Many problems of the past will fade away today.

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Enthusiasm will take over you thanks to numerous planets that benefit your material and professional life. Venus will bring you new opportunities.

Your effectiveness and leadership capacity will be highly developed and may be noticed by your bosses or authorities. However, if you believe that you know everything better than others and try to impose your ideas or methods, it will cause you problems not only at work but also in your relationships.

Don't be so greedy; otherwise, you may lose the trust of those who follow you because of your charisma and personal charm.

Be wise and let people around you express themselves in their personal and professional life.

Your lucky number today is 79. This number will connect you with your humanitarian and sensitive side leading you to introspection that will improve your ways of approaching people around you.  


If you suffer from a chronic or autoimmune disease such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or lupus, you will benefit from the astrological aspects today. Those born under the sign of Leo will enjoy a better cellular recovery and a better functioning of the glands that are responsible for your metabolism.