Leo Daily Horoscope for April 7

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A member of your family will tell you a secret of his/her love life. You must be very discreet because this is a delicate subject that involves several people you know.

You’d prefer not to have known those details that have been trusted to you. Try to distract yourself and do something that will take your mind off that secret.

At night, going out with a person who attracts and amuses you will improve and change the energy you’ll be vibrating.

You are one of those people who highly value their energy and good humor and you usually don’t let anything or anyone spoil your mood. If you can solve any problems that bother you, do it and get rid of that inner conflict.

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Today you’ll have lots of wonderful ideas about your business or entrepreneurship. The quality of your job is below your expectations; therefore, you’ll try to develop new ideas to increase your income. You have various talents and you know that your future partially depends on them.

If you note down all your ideas, you’ll be able to express them coherently and share them with a friends who may value them and help you. Look for a business partner.

You are very creative and that will work in your favor when you look for an investor to achieve your goals. Big companies start with big dreams.


When you spend a day with people who are going through a rough time, you expose yourself not only to negative energy but also to the rays of envy. You make people believe that your life is easy and enjoyable because you simply don’t like talking about your miseries, Leo. 

Therefore, you could be suffering from a tremendous headache in the afternoon. Get rid of it having a hot bath and a gentle massage with lavender oil.