Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



It's a good day to try to banish jealousy from your life. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and imagine what he has to go through when you question everything.

It’s doesn’t matter whether you tell him/her you’re jealous or not.  They can feel jealousy in the air. There’s tension on a daily basis and it gets difficult to breathe. 

Did you really think that no one noticed it? You were wrong, Leo. Your bad temper is very powerful and it contaminates everything.  Get down off your pedestal and learn to say sorry when you’re wrong. You sometimes make mistakes and you’re looking for problems where there are none.

This time you may be wrong about your partner’s friends that you’ve never met. Start focusing on the world of your own. Create a space and links that are only yours and nobody else’s. This will make you feel great.

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If we could unfold the future, the present would be our greatest care. Concentrate on the present, Leo.

In the early morning you’ll be full of new ideas and optimism. You’ll spread your natural joy to people around you. You’ll come across some people who will help you fulfill your desires.

Your need for independence will push you towards new adventures and challenges.

Your lucky number today is 78. In tarot this number is the Ace of Pentacles that predicts fortunate situations, money and wealth.


Watch your liver. If you're consuming lots of fried foods, candy and alcohol, your liver can become overwhelmed and suffer irreparable damage.

If you feel drowsy and more tire than usual or suffer from headaches, you may be overloading this vital organ.

Many people eat and drink without assessing the risk of toxins accumulating in the body. The liver is the organ that takes care of getting rid of these toxins. Take care of it.