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A perfect day to strengthen relationships.  You’ll have to do your part so that things go in your desired direction.

Favorable energies of the stars will collaborate with Leos in terms of seduction and understanding. The communication will improve thanks to the visit of Mercury to the related sign.

Today you could surprise someone by making a special present for those who will appreciate your gesture.

Single Leos, you’ll be benefited if you want to start a new relationship. You could fearlessly let the seed of the get-together that has been in your mind spring up.

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Today you’ll be very busy at home and get out of control shopping. Check your card balance and you’ll avoid having a bad time. You may be disappointed that someone you trusted may have spent too much of your money.

Sit down and review the finances for the year and you'll see that you can be very conscientious about scheduling your next expenses.


You’ll feel the need to improve your personal image and the way you see yourself. You could pay a visit to your dermatologist for advice on the skincare for this season of the year.

As you well know, there are different strategies for radiant skin depending on the age without having to spend money on expensive creams. An exfoliation can be too irritating, better wash your face with plenty of fresh water.  

It’s very important to keep your skin hydrated and eat fruit and low fat foods.

You can change your look or try out a new hair style, cut or color. Any change will benefit your emotional health. You’ll be illuminated in this sense today.