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If you let irrational impulses take over you or long-lasting anger come to light, it could affect the happiness you’ve been chasing.

Try to sit in silence and ask your guardian angel to help you cleanse all links to negative people who no longer fulfill any evolutionary mission in your life. A few days later you’ll get a response. Relationships that no longer help you grow spiritually will go through a transformation.

Those born in the third deanery will be most benefited by planetary transit to achieve the best state of love. You could perform a ritual to verify if the love you feel is healthy or, on the contrary, toxic, which prevents you from growing as a person.  

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Don't get carried away by gossip or you'll end up in a serious conflict of interest. If a strange version of facts reaches your ear, don’t pay attention to it, as it could be a lie and lead you to an embarrassing situation.

Those born under your sign usually trust in favorable evolution of any issue or problem. However, trusting too much can sometimes be negative. You perfectly know that there are bad people who don’t act correctly and are driven by envy and cravings for power or greed. They’re able to do things that could work against you.

 Of all the signs, you are the most envied, Leo. Everybody wishes they had your brilliance, elegance, skill and good luck.


You have so much in your head that your memory may fail you. If you’re undergoing medical treatment, put your medicines where you’re able to see them. Placing reminders in a visible place or setting an alarm may also help.