Leo Daily Horoscope for September 7

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Mysticism will take over your relationship and you’ll open your heart to the magic of love. Your dreams about ideal love are about to come true.

Use your intuition to find the right path to follow if you want to seduce that special person. Come on, Leo, you can do it!

All Leos and especially those born in the second deanery will be favored by celestial winds of the great Jupiter, which will lend you a hand in everything you do, including your heart matters.

It’s a perfect day to plan a trip with your partner. This honeymoon will help you connect with your better half and touch the sky.

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After so many days of hard work, you definitely deserve to be spoiled. Buy that object you’ve been saving for or travel to that place that attracts you so much. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new computer, a car or plane tickets to that fantastic destination. The important thing is that you have the inner calm to handle your money wisely and avoid venturing into doubtful investments.

Before investing your money you should listen to your friends’ suggestions. Some of them have experience and know what they’re talking about.

Your lucky number today is 47. This number will remind you of the importance of analysis and positive attitude when managing all the issues in your life.


Today’s astral movements will favor pregnancy. If you don’t want to enlarge your family, take the necessary precautions.

You can express your most sensitive side through art and creativity. Poetry, painting, music and dance will be wonderful ways of showing your inner self.