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The Moon in the enigmatic and sensual sign of Scorpio will vivify your sexuality and help you enjoy a greater harmony with your partner. If lately you’ve been physically distant and apathetic, it’s time to get in touch with your wildest part.

Don’t forget that there’s a great feline living inside you. Your body is a temple of sensuality and every time you forget it, you unnoticeably hurt yourself.

Make your fantasies come true combining your wildest features with your sweet character. Remember that differences make out life fuller and if there’s something you lack in your personality, you can learn it by imitating the virtues of those you share your life with.  

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It’ll be a very tense day at work and you may find out that you have secret enemies in your office. Someone in your environment is leaking information and gossiping about you making sure that the information reaches your superiors’ ears.

Don’t let anyone stick their nose into your business and criticize your performance or responsibilities. It’s time to put an end to this meddling.

Be careful when you talk to people and don’t give all the information to people you don’t fully trust.


Take care of your personal hygiene and remember that it also includes your thoughts. Your mental wellbeing depends on the expectations you have regarding your life and your achievements. If your goals are too complicated, you’ll feel bad and not being able to reach them will affect your self-esteem. Positive thoughts are the key to keep your psyche in balance. Watch less news and go for a walk with friends. Don't live in the past, enjoy the present.