Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Make sure your heart and body are ready for Friday of madness and passion.

Leos who have been single for a while will be the most benefited, in particular those of the second deanery since they’ll receive numerous invitations for this evening.

Every sign has a range of colors that favors and energizes them. For those born under your sign these colors are copper, red and orange tones.

Incorporate these shades into your clothes and accessories tonight to attract compatible energies. Compatibility between people enhances their best characteristics and traits. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and have a wonderful time standing out of the crowd.

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You’re very tired at work. You don’t even feel like starting the day. However, luck is on your side and there will be a change in your timetable that will favor you.

In the afternoon, a visit to a place of alternative economy can open your eyes to new ways of seeing the world and economy. The positive aspects of Uranus will change your perception of the world.

What if you could carry out an ecological venture? Wouldn’t you like to build a better world for future generations? You can do a lot, Leo. You’ll know where to put your grain of sand when the moment comes.


Listen to your spine! You need an urgent massage, Leo. Don’t forget that this body part is mostly influenced by stress. That’s why Friday is a perfect day to pay a visit to a masseur or apply the teachings of eutonia (an increased sense of physical well-being) to correct your posture that is deteriorated by daily activities.

Give yourself this gift, your body will thank you.