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These days will be very powerful when it comes to feelings for those born under the Leo sign. Tonight you’ll enjoy an extraordinary sexual understanding. A simple look or a caress will shake your body and skin.

Put your feelings in the balance: if it’s only a physically based relationship try not to hurt your partner’s feelings.  

Leo, you might want to give free rein to your passion and your desires today. The Moon and Venus will light up your lust.  You’ll have more opportunities regarding love if your partner is Sagittarius or Scorpio.

Get ready for a very special night that will be difficult to forget.

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Admit it, you’ve wasted too much money. Now you’ll have to hide your pride in your pocket and face your rival taking advantage of this moment of weakness.

However, don’t worry; the revenge is best served cold. Take your time and wait patiently, the time of payback will come.

Life teaches you many lessons and eventually this matter will become one of them that will add up to your experience, nothing else.


Today you won’t feel any physical pains, your body is in its best shape. Maybe it’s time to focus more on your emotional health. Sometimes all of us have to face some sad and exhausting situations. We tend to think that little things don’t matter, that the absence of a close person doesn’t affect us. Or perhaps you haven’t lived up to your expectations at work.

All these feelings can be overwhelming and we sometimes hide them in order to look strong. Give yourself some space and talk it over with someone you trust. Shed a tear if you feel like it, you’ll feel relieved.