Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The week will end in flames. No one will be able to resist your sensuality and charm today. You’ll receive some news that will stun you. Everything you’ve known about your partner will change with these declarations that will reveal gestures and virtues you had no idea about.

Single Leos will experience an unexpected twist in their sentimental life.

Planetary vibration today is high and powerful. It’ll surround you with a majestic auric field which will help you attract the person you’re interested in. You’ll enjoy having special magnetism.   

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You can be sure that luck to a great extent depends on your willingness to receive it. People who have long faces waiting for the worst will definitely attract it.

Positive vibrations that you’ll be able to send out today will be magnets for the success that is awaiting you.

Today those born under the sign of fire will have new possibilities; and you’re the privileged one. However, you must follow your wisdom and patience; otherwise, you might lose it all.

Don’t force yourself to progress. As soon as you finish the tasks of the day, have a rest.


You’ll feel very vital and enjoy good health generally. Nevertheless, you could suffer from headaches.

In your case headaches and migraines may be caused by nervous tension. You could also be a victim of the evil eye.

Believe it or not, the evil eye exists. And it has much to do with headaches that many people suffer from. The symptoms of the evil eye are headaches, nausea, weakness, yawning, dizziness and many more.

If you want to get rid of the evil eye, leave a glass of water with coarse salt and a little vinegar under your bed for three days.