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You should be more creative when it comes to love. Creativity and imagination are especially important in your intimate life. New ways of expressing yourself physically and sensually will bring lots of benefits to your relationship.

Don’t forget that lately you’ve been too focused on yourself and this has led your partner to doubts. The routine has a negative effect on any relationship, and the tedium of your day-to-day matters wears down the love you feel.

You should express your love in different ways, spend more time with your significant other, listen to what he/she feels and share your hobbies.

You’re undergoing a transformation and it’s probable that you’ll face surprising situations.

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Lack of money and worry over how to pay the bills will put significant stress on you. Astral configuration suggests that you pay everything that is close to the due date, or even worse, already expired.

Focus on meeting your responsibilities and don’t get distracted, since the planets will be playing against you.

If you get lost in details, you’ll miss issues that really matter. Be careful when talking to people who know nothing and still have an opinion about everything; it could lead you to wasting your time and you can’t afford to delay your matters.

It’s essential that you focus on important issues and free your mind from thoughts that disperse you.


If you’re one of those people who are mad about baking, you may have to slow down and reduce your intake of sugar. Jupiter, a giant planet in the fire sign, may lead you to gain weight. You’ll be tempted to let yourself go and put on unnecessary kilograms.

If you replace pastries with fruit and sugar-free smoothies, your body will definitely thank you.