Leo Daily Horoscope for April 9

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If you’re single, the stars will help you meet a variety of people today and you could even get to know a fantastic person. The energy in the air will lead you to a night of pleasure and burning passion. The touch of this person will send vibrations far beyond his/her fingertips.

If you have a partner, you’ll have an opportunity to relive the best moments of your relationship, since the astral aspects will be more favorable than ever for your sign.

You may express all you feel with loving and harmonious words. Surrender to love, give your heart and don’t be afraid of humiliation. This emotional freedom when facing relationships will help you show your most tender and loving side. You'll see what a great day you’re about to have.

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You’ll start a very favorable cycle in terms of money and material abundance since Jupiter will favor you and give you all the possibilities to take advantage of it. However, your wealth doesn’t only depend on the stars. You’ll have to take the lead and find your own path.

The stars will offer you help, but the effort must be yours. Astral configuration will give you the strength to find the most suitable path for you and develop your skills and virtues.


In order to keep your lungs healthy, you should stay away from tobacco, whether you are a smoker yourself or you live with people who smoke. Even if you have no visible symptoms, the damage is often gradual until there is no turning back. Leo, keep these tips in mind for your own sake.

There are many substances that could harm you as much as tobacco or even more. Today try to stay away from paints, benzenes, dust and other irritants.