Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This time of the year, when Leos are celebrating their birthdays, is very promising. You’ll be blessed with positive energy; take advantage of it.

Leave your problems of the past behind. As you well know, if you keep going back to your bad memories, you won’t be able to overcome the pain or walk towards a brighter future. Therefore, you have to take full advantage of the help of the stars and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself. Forget about the masks or labels you let people put on you in the past; it’s time become the new you.

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If you feel tired, take it easy this Friday. Get rid of your daily obligations and spoil yourself a little.

There are some tasks you could deal with next week. The planets in your sign indicate that it’s an excellent moment to collect debts, ask for a promotion or a pay rise and receive donations or gifts. Your destiny will reward you with material gifts that will magically come to your life. When Venus is in your sign and very close to the Sun, it’s your moment to receive material and energetic presents.


Do all you can to feel good and be happy. Give yourself the best possible chance of living a good life. Listen to your mind and body and attend to their needs. Read a good book, watch a romantic film or a good comedy, soak in a salt bath adding a few drops of essential oils of healing plants, listen to your favorite music lying on a sofa in the dim light. These are simple everyday things that may caress your soul, change your energy and improve your overall health.